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quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2009

The Used

Demos From The Basement (2001)

01 Maybe Memories (Demo)
02 The Taste of Ink (Demo)
03 Say Days Ago (Demo)
04 Poetic Tragedy (Demo)
05 A Box Full of Sharp Objects (Demo)
06 Just a Little (Demo)
07 It Could Be a Good Excuse (Demo)
08 Zero Mechanism (Demo)
09 Greener With the Scenerey (Demo)
10 Pieces Mended (Demo)


The Used (2002)

01 Maybe Memories
02 The Task Of Ink
03 Bulimic
04 Say Days Ago
05 Poetic Tragedy
06 Buried My Self Alive
07 A Box Full of Sharp Objects
08 Blue And Yellow
09 Greener with the Scenery
10 Noise And Kisses
11 On My Own
12 Pieces Mended


In Love And Death (2004)

01 Take It Away
02 I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes)
03 Let It Bleed
04 All That I've Got
05 Cut Up Angels
06 Listening
07 Yesterday Feelings
08 Light With A Sharpened Edge
09 Sound Effects And Overdramatics
10 It's Hard To Say
11 Lunacy Fringe
12 I'm A Fake
13 Back Of Your Mouth (Bonus)


Lies For The Liars (2007)

01 The Ripper
02 Pretty Handsome Awkward
03 The Bird And The Worm
04 Earthquake
05 Hospital
06 Paralyzed
07 With Me Tonight
08 Wake The Dead
09 Find A Way
10 Liar Liar (Burn In Hell)
11 Smother Me


Shallow Believer (2008)

01 Dark Days
02 Slit Your Own Throat
03 Devil Beside You
04 Into My Web
05 My Pesticide
06 Choke Me
07 Sun Comes Up
08 Sick Hearts
09 The Back Of Your Mouth
10 Tunnel


Artwork (2009)

01 Blood On My Hands
02 Empty With You
03 Born To Quit
04 Kissing You Goodbye
05 Sold My Soul
06 Watered Down
07 On The Cross
08 Come Undone
09 Meant To Die
10 The Best Of Me
11 Men Are All The Same


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Willian disse...

ah mano, o 4shared tiro o post :/
mas obg, o blog ta mandando muito ! ;)

saulo chaplin disse...

Link quebrado.

Mas como o Willian disse..

Tá mandando muito bem nos posts.


Anônimo disse...

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