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segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2008

Hawthorne Heights

The Silence in Black and White (2004)

01 Life on Standby
02 Dissolve and Decay
03 Niki FM
04 The Transition
05 Blue Burns Orange
06 Silver Bullet
07 Screenwriting An Apology
08 Ohio Is For Lovers
09 Wake Up Call
10 Sandpaper and Silk
11 Speeding Up The Octaves


If Only You Were Lonely (2006)

01 This Is Who We Are
02 We Are So Last Year
03 Language Lessons (Five Words Or Less)
04 Pens And Needles
05 Saying Sorry
06 Dead In The Water
07 I Am On Your Side
08 Breathing In Sequence
09 Light Sleeper
10 Cross Me Off Your List
11 Where Can I Stab Myself In The Ears
12 Decembers


Fragile Future (2008)

01 The Business of Paper Stars
02 Rescue Me
03 Until the Judgment Day
04 Somewhere in Between
05 Sugar in the Engine
06 Desperation
07 Four Becomes One
08 231
09 Disaster
10 Let Go of Everything You Know
11 Corps of Corpses
12 Come Back Home (Reprised)


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peta disse...

Que buena banda!

gracis pr el post tan bueno