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terça-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2009


In Motion (2005)

01 No One Really Wins
02 Choose the One Who Loves You More
03 Pin Your Wings
04 Sleep
05 Kite
06 Don't Slow Down
07 Love is a Fast Song
08 You Have My Attention
09 You Love to Sing
10 Hold Nothing Back


Eat, Sleep, Repeat (2006)

01 Where's My Head?
02 Eat, Sleep, Repeat
03 Control
04 Careful Now
05 Love Affair
06 I'm Safer On An Airplane
07 By My Side
08 Cover What You Can
09 The Last Time He Saw Dorie
10 I'm A Sucker For A Kind Word
11 When You Thought You'd Never Stand Out


Dressed Up & In Line (2007)

01 You Love to Sing [Slow Version]
02 Thanks To You
03 Sleep [Premix]
04 Chin Up
05 Careful Now [Acoustic Version]
06 Black Hole Sun
07 No One Really Wins [Acoustic Version]
08 Interlude
09 Every Breathe You Take
10 May I Have This Dance
11 That Awful Memory Of Yours
12 Second Star to the Left, Go' Til Dawn
13 Brightest [Acoustic Version]
14 When Paula Sparks [Alternate Version]
15 Thanks To You [DJ Cakeface Remix]
16 [Untitled] [*]


You Are My Sunshine (2008)

01 Should You Return
02 The Grey Man
03 Chin Up
04 Good Morning Fire Eater
05 To Be Happy Now
06 The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song)
07 On The Safest Ledge
08 Not Allowed
09 Strange and Unprepared
10 What Do I Know?
11 Not So Tough Found Out


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