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quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008

Matchbook Romance

West For Wishing (2003)

01 14 Balloons
02 The Greatest Fall (Of All Time)
03 Hollywood Vine
04 Farewell to Friends
05 Save Yourself


Stories And Alibis (2003)

01 Introduction
02 Your Stories, My Alibis
03 Playing For Keeps
04 Promise
05 Lovers And Liars
06 Tiger Lily
07 Shadows Like Statues
08 My Eyes Burn
09 She'll Never Understand
10 If All Else Fails
11 Stay Tonight
12 The Greatest Fall (Of All Time)
13 Epitaph Tour Video Summary


Voices (2006)

01 You Can Run, But We'll Find You
02 Surrender
03 My Mannequin Can Dance
04 Goody, Like Two Shoes
05 Monsters
06 Say It Like You Mean It
07 Portrait
08 Singing Bridges (We'll All Fall)
09 Fiction
10 What A Sight
11 I Wish You Were Here


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