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domingo, 8 de junho de 2008


Keep Your Head Above the Water (2008)

01 Without Regret
02 You Carried Me While We Buried You
03 The Lungs that Impress: Eternal
04 Leave that Man Be
05 Real Men Will Be Found with Their Face Flat on the Ground
06 A Leave of Absence
07 If Nothing is Pending, We Will See Results in Eight Days
08 Father Part the Clouds in the Sky
09 Dressed for the Occasion
10 Marvin Gaye and How I Stole Myself
11 Cocaine
12 Candi
13 Cryptic
14 Dat Dat
15 Murder She Wrote
16 Marvin Gaye and How I Stole Myself (Acoustic)
17 Father Part the Clouds in the Sky (Acoustic)
18 Leave that Man Be (Acoustic)


Victims (2008)

01 Devices
02 Oh, Infamous City
03 Believe
04 The Fire
05 Parallels
06 A Tree And Its Fruit
07 Faces
08 Salus Suas Extanderealas Concedit
09 II
10 The Flood
11 The Evidence


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