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sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2011

Asking Alexandria

The Irony of Your Perfection(2007)

01 Bite Your Lip And Fake It
02 Bitter Revenge, Sweet Tragedy
03 Gramophone Elegance
04 In Loving Memory Of You Despit
05 My Last Words (Before It's All Over)
06 The Irony Of Your Perfection
07 Wings For The Sake Of Falling
08 Writing Her Ballad


Stand Up And Scream(2009)

01 Alerion
02 Final Episode (Let's Change The Channel)
03 A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta
04 Nobody Don't Dance No More
05 Hey There Mr.Brooks (Featuring Shawn Milke Of Alesana)
06 Hiatus
07 If You Can't Ride Two Horses At Once...You Should Get Out Of The Circus
08 A Single Moment Of Sincerity
09 Not The American Average
10 I Used To Have A Best Friend (But Then He Gave Me An STD)
11 A Prophecy
12 I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps A Cowboy King
13 When Everyday's The Weekend


Reckless and Relentless(2011)

01 Welcome
02 Dear Insanity
03 Closure
04 A Lesson Never Learned
05 To The Stage
06 Dedication
07 Someone, Somewhere
08 Breathless
09 The Match
10 Another Bottle Down
11 Reckless & Relentless
12 Morte Et Dabo


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