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sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2009

Avenged Sevenfold

Sounding The Seventh Trumpet (2001)

01 To End The Rapture
02 Turn The Other Way
03 Darkness Surrounding
04 The Art Of Subconscious Illusion
05 We Come Out At Night
06 Lips Of Deceit
07 Warmness On The Soul
08 An Epic Of Time Wasted
09 Breaking Their Hold
10 Forgotten Faces
11 Thick And Thin
12 Streets
13 Shattered By Broken Dreams


Walking The Fallen (2003)

01 Walking The Fallen
02 Unholy Confessions
03 Chapter Four
04 Remenissions
05 Desecrate Through Reverance
06 Eternal Rest
07 Second Heartbeat
08 Radiant Eclipse
09 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt 1
10 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt 2
11 Clairvoyant Disease
12 And All Things Will End


City Of Evil (2005)

01 Beast and the harlot
02 Sevenfold-burn it down
03 Blinded in chains
04 Bat Country
05 Trashed and scattered
06 Seize the day
07 Sidewinder
08 The wicked end
09 Strength of the world
10 Betrayed
11 M.I.A.


Diamonds in The Rough (2008)

01 Demons
02 Girl I Know
03 Crossroads
04 Flash Of The Blade
05 Until The End
06 Tension
07 Walk
08 The Fight
09 Dancing Dead
10 Almost Easy (cla mix)
11 Afterlife (alternate version)
12 Almost Easy (Live in Seattle) (Bonus)
13 Bat Country (Live in Fresno) (Bonus)


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