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sexta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2008

Heavy Heavy Low Low

Courtside Seats To The Greatest Fuck Of (2005)

01 Pizza Party
02 Inhalent Abuse Is Illegal And Can Be Fatal
03 There's A Bat
04 Do You Like Guns? Want to See My Passport?
05 Kids Kids Kids
06 You Killed The Bee, But You Broke The Light You Asshole
07 Very Dramatic
08 Saran Wrap Love Affair
09 Vaginal Blood And Consruction Paper Cigarettes
10 Hidden Track


Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching (2006)

01 This Is Really Testing The Patience I've Never Had
02 A, S, V, L, N
03 Mall-Nutrition
04 Are You Okay, Kiddo?
05 I Forgot 2 And A Half Days
06 Texas Chainsaw Mascer-Uh
07 Kids, Kids, Kids.
08 Buddy, You're Makin' No Sense
09 There's A Bat
10 Eating The Porridge And Killing The Bears
11 Party Girls


Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock (2008)

01 Hahahahahahaha
02 Giant Mantis Vs. TURT Nip
03 How Many Dads Must Eat Themselves?
04 3000, 100 Points, 100pts, Gummy Octopi
05 H.D. EYE Hybrid Cyborg
06 Trot Line Beer Can
07 The Toxic Shock Mountain Blues
09 Eagle Mewnadria
10 Supernova Ninja Surfers
11 Is This Your Homework?
12 Green Genes
13 Wasted (BLACK FLAG)
14 Rotten Church / Mall / Parking Lot
15 Please, That Bitch Will Outlive Us All


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