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sexta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2008

Senses Fail

From The Depths Of Dreams (2003)

01 Steven
02 Free Fall Without A Parachute
03 Bloody Romance
04 Dreaming A Reality
05 The Ground Folds
06 One Eight Seven
07 Hand Guns And Second Chances
08 The Ground Folds (Acoustic)


Let It Enfold You (2005)

01 Tie Her Down
02 Lady In A Blue Dress
03 You're Cute When You Scream
04 Buried A Lie
05 Bite To Break Skin
06 Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning
07 Slow Dance
08 Choke On This
09 NJ Falls Into The Atlantic
10 Let It Enfold You
11 Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday
12 Angela Baker and My Obsession With Fire
13 Martini Kiss
14 Institutionalized
15 American Death


Still Searching (2006)

01 The Rapture
02 Bonecrusher
03 Sick Or Sane (Fifty For A Twenty)
04 Can't Be Saved
05 Calling All Cars
06 Shark Attack
07 Still Searching
08 To All The Crowded Rooms
09 Lost And Found
10 Every Day Is A Struggle
11 All The Best Cowboys
12 Negative Space
13 The Priest And The Matador


Family Tradition EP (2008)

01 Family Tradition
02 Wolves At the Door
03 Life Is Not a Waiting Room
04 Waiting Room (Album Clips)


Life Is Not a Waiting Room (2008)

01 Fireworks at Dawn
02 Lungs Like Gallows
03 Garden State
04 Family Tradition
05 Wolves at the Door
06 Hair of the Dog
07 Four Years
08 Ali for Cody
09 Yellow Angels
10 Chandelier
11 Map the Streets
12 Blackout


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