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terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2008

Still Remains

Dying With A Smile EP (2003)

01 Dying With A Smile
02 The Task
03 San Juan
04 Change To Fall
05 Tied To A Machine


If Love Was Born to Die (2004)

01 Six and One
02 Recovery
03 I Can Revive Him with My Own Hands
04 The Task
05 Light Through The Skin


Of Love and Lunacy (2005)

01 To Live And Die By Fire
02 The Worst Is Yet To Come
03 In Place Of Hope
04 White Walls
05 Bliss
06 Cherished
07 With What You Have
08 Kelsey
09 Recovery
10 I Can Revive With My Own Hands
11 Stare And Wonder
12 Blossum, The Witch


The Serpent (2007)

01 The Serpent
02 The Wax Walls Of an Empty Room
03 Stay Captive
04 Anemia In Your Sheets
05 Maria
06 Dropped From the Cherry Tree
07 Dancing With the Enemy
08 The River Song
09 Sleepless Nights Alone
10 An Undesired Reunion
11 Avalanche


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