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sexta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2008

Before Their Eyes

Before Their Eyes (2007)

01 City in a Snow Globe
02 The Nighttime is Our Time
03 You Talk A Good Game
04 Crawling Towards Forgiveness
05 This Is Redemption, This Is Our Lives Washed Clean
06 Why 6 Is Afraid Of 7
07 The Journey Down South (Starts With A 2 Step)
08 Hope In Devotion
09 Shotguns Speak Louder Than Words
10 Close Your Eyes, It's Okay To Rest Now


The Dawn of My Death (2008)

01 Life Was All A Dream
02 Because 7 Ate 9
03 The Beast Within
04 So In Love
05 The Things We Stood Against
06 Dawn Of My Death
07 The Way We Operate
08 Their Throats Are Open Graves
09 New Kids In Town
10 The Me I Used To Be


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