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quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2008


The Frailty Of Words (1999)

01 Shines Through
02 In Reflection
03 Endeavor
04 Lament
05 From Your Hands
06 Comfort
07 A Winter's Rose
08 A New Day
09 The Frailty of Words
10 The Broken Heart of a Traitor


No Wings to Speak Of (2001)

01 Open Hands To The Wind
02 April Left With Silence
03 The End Of An Era
04 The Far Pavilions


The Satellite Years (2002)

01 Andromeda
02 Waitress
03 Dead In Magazines
04 Dana Walker
05 Decoys Like Curves
06 A Man Exits
07 Redshift
08 Only The Clouds
09 Escape Pod For Intangibles
10 The Bending


A Types (2004)

01 It Happens
02 Start and Pause
03 Icarus
04 Breathe From Coma
05 Champion Beyond Blessing
06 The Ones
07 Manipulate the Eclipse
08 Matchmaker's Haven
09 Owl
10 Per Sempre Marciamo


Magnetic North (2007)

01 Rx Contender The Pretender
02 Swamp Kittens
03 Cubic Zirconias Are Forever
04 I Can Do This On An Island
05 Secondhand Surgery
06 Vacation/Add/Vacation!
07 Magnetic North
08 East Of 1989: Battle Of The Bay
09 Bird Flu
10 The Canon
11 Devil's Concubine
12 Head General Hospital
13 Paisley


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tus post de hopesfall estan chingones solo paso a decirte que buena musica, solo me faltaba uno de los discos y lo encontre aqui

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